Gain New Insights from Legacy Data with WinCan

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Sewermatics Data Conversion to NASSCO database

With WinCan, old data isn’t lost data.  WinCan’s data specialists can migrate archival sewer inspection data efficiently and accurately, regardless of its age or format, so it’s both usable and insightful.

Legacy sewer data can serve a number of purposes, including providing information about a system’s history with an accurate backlog of observations and maintenance work. It can also be used to perform comprehensive analyses alongside newer data for better decision-making on current maintenance and rehabilitation needs. 

With your legacy data living alongside newer assessments—including PACP-certified inspections—it’s easy to gain system-wide insights and leverage WinCan’s

  • Advanced analytics 
  • Sophisticated data visualizations
  • Powerful mapping 
  • Professional reporting toolkit 
  • QA/QC processes 
  • Data validation tools and database utilities 
  • Intelligent rehab planning 
  • WinCan Web cloud infrastructure for instant, secure, up-to-date sharing online

With Sewermatics' AI-powered data solutions, our team of experts can seamlessly import all pieces of your existing sewer inspection data into WinCan projects so you can start using it right away, ensuring no information or time is lost. To get started today, schedule a free consultation with one of our Sewermatics experts:

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