What to Know About WinCan VX Update V12

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With the latest update to Version 12, WinCan VX proves yet again to be the most innovative and well-supported sewer inspection software on the market. From intuitive adjustments in UI to top-level integration pathways, V12 brings added convenience and streamlined functionality to core sewer inspection workflows in WinCan. 

Cartegraph Sewer Asset Management Integration with WinCanIn addition to various changes to UI, import/export and module functions, the latest version of WinCan VX also streamlines integration with Cartegraph asset management solutions, establishing yet another way for municipalities to optimize inspection workflows. Cartegraph asset management solution helps municipalities keep track of indoor, outdoor, above ground and below ground assets. As an industry leader in water and wastewater asset management, Cartegraph extends WinCan flexibility by giving users even more ways to connect with software partners and serve the wastewater needs of communities around the world.

Furthermore, WinCan VX version 12 paves the way for connectivity with enterprise solutions in WinCan Web, giving users the ability to quickly access, edit, review and coordinate WinCan projects with ease. With WinCan VX, operators and engineers have the freedom to create, collect and analyze data with cloud-based inspection solutions that bridge the gap between an on-premise server and a job site.

A complete list of changes coming to WinCan VX in version 12:

General Changes

  • Template extended conditions created
  • Mass planning options added for method groups
  • Invoice document creation made a separate process
  • Implemented additional Scoring options (EN13508_ENGLISH-2021)
  • Improvements to project summary report
  • Video player integration for 360 videos
  • New option in mass planning tool to delete job position from the project
  • Clean installation option added to the installer
  • Added 3rd party license info to About tool
  • Changed background Map and Draw provider to Bing
  • Uninstall behavior modified to protect 3rd party installations
  • Distance taken from a time-distance file where possible
  • New OSD device added JT – Kanda
  • Various bug fixes throughout

UI Changes

  • Option to add multiple observation codes at the same distance
  • Added new columns in the rehab reports
  • Inspection tool internal improvements moved
  • Data Exchange wizard refreshed
  • Printing controls refreshed
  • Hyperlinks to the Light Viewer source disk directory
  • Option to turn off video warnings
  • New button for “Approved from Engineer”
  • Highlight the active filter with a color

Import/Export Changes

  • DanDas 2.6/2.5 export various corrections
  • Generate node parts while importing PACP project
  • Integration of DanDas 2.4.6 export
  • New option to export single XML files (DanDas Export)

Visit the download page at WinCan.com to learn how WinCan VX's V12 update can support you team: 

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