Embracing Interface Tools In WinCan VX

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Sewer pipe inspection requires a keen eye and attention to detail, but in today’s industry, teams also need to get their work done fast. The last thing operators want to do is fumble through spreadsheets and windows while on the job, distracted from precision assessment and slowing down the workflow.

WinCan VX features a variety of unique tools that let you design a personalized workspace, consolidating the information you want and hiding anything you don’t. While some tools make it easy to adjust the interface to meet the demands of a job, others provide fast, convenient organization and navigation of inspection data.

Organization Tools

Auto Hide

Make room in your workspace. Toggle the pushpin to collapse a window, and hover over the title to reveal it again.


WinCan VX Auto Hide Tool



Navigate data faster with filters for section data, rehab status and overall completeness, or create custom filters for your workflow.


WinCan VX Filter Tool


Search & Replace

Mass edit section data and quickly correct common data entry mistakes.


WinCan VX Search and Replace Tool



Organize section data according to your own parameters, focusing your workspace while maintaining data.


WinCan VX Sorting Tool


Accessibility Tools

Pipe Graph

Determine wastewater flow direction and a defect’s proximity to a lateral or manhole.


WinCan VX Pipe Graph Tool


View Settings

Choose the font and text size best for your size screen.


WinCan VX View Settings


Rearrange Windows

Choose from 6 pre-set window profiles, or build a custom arrangement.


WinCan VX Window Profiles


These tools help inspection teams create a more smoother experience in WinCan VX, helping tune your workflow to your needs. Being able to quickly navigate inspection data empowers teams to get more value out of their data, and increase workflow efficiency.

Learn more about organizational tools in WinCan VX with a free demo or check out the video below for a more detailed walkthrough:

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