2021: A WinCan Year in Review

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WinCan has continued its innovative approach to sewer inspection by releasing new products and services this year. From powerful AI defect coding to entirely cloud-based inspection workflows, 2021 has been a full year for the development team at WinCan, and we are looking forward to an even better year in 2022.

Sewermatics Debuts WinCan AISewermatics AI Sewer Inspection

WinCan’s Sewermatics took the sewer inspection market by storm this summer, combining the collection power of VX with WinCan’s unique AI engine to provide four key solutions to the sewer inspection industry’s biggest data challenges:

  • AI defect coding combines the best in WinCan AI and professional QA/QC to give users deliverables they can trust.
  • WinCan Web hosting reduces risk and increases data accessibility.
  • Data translation makes it easy to bring your data into WinCan’s NASSCO-certified database.
  • Once data is ingested, Sewermatics data visualization solutions provide you with the latest in GIS software integration, utilizing a variety of heat maps and iconography to find valuable insight in asset and inspection databases. 

To learn more about Sewermatics, check out this webinar from July: 

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Web Flex Redefines Remote Sewer InspectionWinCan Web Flex Cloud Sewer Inspection

With the release of WinCan Web Flex, sewer inspection teams can create and edit sewer inspection projects from anywhere at any time. Web Flex lets users drop inspection footage into the media bucket for defect coding directly from the web. The online defect coding interface provides a fast, intuitive experience, and when an inspection is complete, users can print a report directly from Web Flex with curated inspection data, graphs and defect images.

Check out this look at Web Flex to learn more:

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Canadian Contractor Takes On Cold Weather With a WinCan-powered, Post-coding WorkflowUni-Jet Winter Sewer Inspection Workflow

Uni-Jet is based out of Winnipeg, but it takes jobs across regions of Canada that frequently see below zero temperatures. WinCan’s remote collaboration tools helped the sewer inspection team develop an effective post-coding workflow to get through the winter months.


Read the full story: 

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Esri Partnership Yields Increasing ValueEsri Sewer Inspection GIS Partner Network Silver

The seamless integration between WinCan and Esri ensures that inspection data populates to your asset maps quickly, so you can plan maintenance and rehabilitation projects efficiently. This year, we attended both online and live Esri conferences, and we recently celebrated GIS day across the WinCan network.

Learn more about our partnership and integration with Esri in our recent spotlight:

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Looking Ahead to 2022

While 2021 was filled with innovative product development, January will see the kickoff of a brand new wave of developments in WinCan’s digital ecosystem. A fully-supported integration with Cartegraph will allow for bidirectional transfer of data with that platform. A new cloud-based work order creation and management product will be added to the WinCan Web suite. And more will be coming down the pipeline as new developments in AI, drone inspections and sustainable wastewater infrastructure take hold.

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