Empowering Collaboration Among Sewer Utilities

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Collaboration brings professionals together to employ unique skills and experience for the good of the project at hand. In sewer inspection, collaboration is essential to keeping wastewater utilities, contractors and broader municipal departments connected and moving toward safer systems with cleaner communities.  

With sewer inspection software like WinCan, data can quickly be transferred to the necessary parties at any stage of the workflow. Because data is hosted in the cloud, projects can quickly be edited from a browser and collaborators can jump into vital inspection reviews with the click of a button. This becomes even more important during emergencies when cities need to coordinate and collaborate to expedite recovery and keep communities safe.

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Sewer department employees need to be able to collaborate effectively amongst themselves to keep systems operating and functioning smoothly. Operations managers need to be able to oversee crew progress in real time, creating and assigning new work orders and communicating with inspection teams in the field. Field crews need to be able to send project media and completed inspections back to the office for defect coding and final review. Cloud-based inspection software makes it easier for sewer utilities to keep collaboration active and on-going throughout the lifespan of a project.

Contractors and Municipalities

Independent contractors work hand-in-hand with municipalities to ensure sewer data is collected and processed into broader asset management databases. Municipal utilities need to be able to quickly and efficiently share data with small contractors that may be in a different city as well as national contractors who conduct operations beyond infrastructure inspections. Cloud-based inspection environments like WinCan Enterprise enable teams to conduct faster job management, even when working with collaborators outside of your immediate team. Not to mention, custom reporting equips contractors with embedded inspection media that makes it easy for municipalities to get in and review results.

Sewer inspection software empowers wastewater utilities to get data where it needs to be and to ensure collaborators can work quickly to get the job done. WinCan cloud solutions give sewer teams the tools they need to thrive on the job and in the office. Schedule a demo to learn more: 

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