How to Switch to a Digital Software Key

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As the sewer inspection industry has evolved, the trend has been a shift from slow mechanical methods to automated digital processes. WinCan has pioneered new ways for municipalities and contractors to understand wastewater systems and manage their sewer data, and now we’re streamlining the way users engage with those solutions.

In an ongoing commitment to innovation, WinCan is moving away from physical USB dongle keys as a form of distributing license keys. Instead, users will be provided with digital software keys that automatically re-authenticate through an internet connection. This keeps your WinCan license safe, and ensures it can still be transferred from one device to another, giving your team the flexibility to work when and where it needs to. At the same time, if you already use a digital software key to activate your license, you can continue using WinCan without change.

Why Switch to Digital Software Keys?

Historically, WinCan has relied on USB dongles as a way to store and activate licenses. It was a simple solution that allowed users to easily plug in and get started using WinCan. But it required shipping and processing time, and the dongles could easily be damaged or lost due to the rugged nature of inspection work.

WinCan Digital Software Keys

WinCan is making the switch to software keys because they offer all the same benefits as USB dongle keys with less hassle for users and greater accessibility overall. Digital software keys make license activation fast and simple, and WinCan has full control over your keys via the cloud, just in case your team needs assistance in getting set up. Our team can remotely extend the authorization of keys and instantaneously add new modules to your license, ensuring you are never without an active file. Furthermore, dongles and V2C files will be obsolete come February 2022, and WinCan will not be able to update or add modules to existing V2C files.

How Digital Software Keys Work

WinCan’s digital software keys register to your WinCan VX using our licensing servers and a single license code stored in the cloud. Once registered, WinCan VX will automatically re-authenticate the license every 90 days to ensure it’s still valid. In-software notifications will let you know when your re-authentication date is coming up and if you need to connect to the internet. If you pass the 90-day period, WinCan will open in viewer mode until internet access is established.

While software licenses can only be activated on one device at a time, they can be transferred from one PC to another without any interaction with WinCan’s support team. Just be sure to create an alias for your PC before registration. If a software key license expires or is already expired, WinCan can activate the license again. Remember, you’ll need to be running VX version 1.2019.6.6 or later, and you don’t need to activate the license more than once. Check your current version of WinCan VX by going to the Home tab and clicking “About.”

How to Trade Your USB Dongle for a Digital Key

If you originally activated your WinCan license with a digital key, it’s safe to continue using WinCan as usual. However, if you still rely on a USB dongle, it’s important to trade it in for a digital key.

To trade your USB dongle key in for a digital software key, send an email to with your company or municipality name as well as your USB dongle numbers. In return, you will receive updated software key license numbers and license codes. We can even provide a UPS return shipping label for you to send back the USB dongle.

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