WinCan's MACP Components and Observations Reference Poster

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WinCan’s new MACP reference poster can be used to help your inspection team easily identify the components of a manhole and properly code defects.

MACP Components and Observations PosterNASSCO’s Manhole Assessment and Certification Program (MACP) is the North American Standard for documenting manhole features and conditions, offering inspection teams a multilevel approach to assessing the type and extent of manhole defects. Because manholes are more complex structures than pipes, MACP guidelines require two levels of inspection: one to determine the basic details and general condition of the manhole, and a second to gather in-depth data for full documentation and defect coding. Despite this added layer of intricacy, MACP coding standards closely follow PACP standards whenever possible, making knowledge of the manhole components the most important difference for inspection crews.

This free resource from WinCan includes detailed illustrations of a typical precast manhole with clear, easy-to-follow labeling of each manhole component, as well as the common defects that go with them. It’s a valuable tool for operators, supervisors and engineers who may need to reference specific components in order to record unique, and potentially dangerous, manhole defects.

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