Training for Success: Software Training for Inspection Teams

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WinCan Sewer Inspection Software Training and Customer Support TeamMaking the decision to change or upgrade inspection data software is a big step. Integrating that new software with other current systems is an even bigger project. So when the decision is made and the software rollout begins, thorough training sometimes falls by the wayside. But ensuring your team gets up to speed on your new tech quickly is vital to its success, so well-thought-out training can make a significant difference.

Before You Start

Before you get started on training, take the time to talk to the software company’s training team. These pre-training conversations help the developers understand your expectations and help you choose the right people to join each training session. Things like data conversion, GIS data setup, training agenda, and customized workflows or macros can all be discussed and decided on before any learning begins. This makes sure your training session is focused on the right things.

Give Your Team Options

Remember that different people learn better in different environments with different methods. Initial training for employees should include visual, auditory and experiential learning. Using screenshots, screen-records, infographics and other diagrams provides new users multiple ways to gain familiarity with your new program without the stress or distraction of in-field learning. Allowing employees the opportunity to learn through different modalities maximizes the effectiveness of their training time. One employee may learn best by watching a web demo of the software, while another may prefer going through a training slideshow.

Break It Up

Break the instruction into small units or activities with specific learning goals. Most people have trouble focusing on one task for an entire day, particularly when it’s something complicated like learning new software. And sewer operators who are often tasked with multiple projects in a single day may be used to moving from one job to another and one task to another.

Use Your Team to Your Advantage

Some employees may have more experience learning new software and find it easier to do. Pair those tech-savvy employees with less-confident ones to provide opportunities for more individual learning. More advanced employees can reinforce skills by teaching, and less-confident team members learn skills with a focused instructor. Be sure to offer different levels of training as well; tech-savvy employees will likely pick up information faster, so don’t let them get bored while others are still learning the basics.

Your Team is the Solution

Finally, remember the value of marketing. Supervisors usually make the decision to upgrade or change software, while many lower-level employees don’t get a say in the matter. They may feel like their voices aren’t being heard. Before training begins, explain to your operators how this software is going to help the department, and by extension, help them do their job better. Software rollouts supported by a majority of employees are always more successful than those with only upper-level endorsement. Instead of framing it as as a top-down demand, make your team part of the solution.

When training on new software, it’s always easier to bring in a professional. WinCan’s in-house training ensures your team gets up to speed quickly. Request a demo of WinCan VX inspection data analysis and asset management software today and learn how our customer support and training resources can help you get the most out of your data.

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