Understand Sewer Condition Better with Cloud-based Sewer Inspection

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Sewer Asset Data Moves to the CloudAs cloud-based storage becomes more popular, municipalities, utilities and contractors must consider the benefits cloud-based solutions provide, particularly for sewer inspection data management.

Increase Inspection Data Accessibility

One of the biggest benefits of cloud-based software is accessibility. With all your data stored in the cloud, it can be accessed, analyzed  and shared anywhere. An operator can upload inspection data from the field and move on to the next inspection quickly, giving engineers and supervisors immediate access to completed inspections without wasting time. Access can then be granted to any contractor who needs the inspection data, leaving operators to continue inspecting without interruption.


Secure Data in the Cloud

In addition to the ease and accessibility of data, cloud-based software also offers better security. With physical storage media, email or FTP, access cannot be tightly controlled. Those with access can share files as they like without supervisors knowing. Cloud-based software offers user-by-user and file-by-file security so supervisors control who has access to specific data. For example, WinCan Web Flex allows users not only to share secure access to inspection data,  but it allows users to create reports to translate data points more effectively and collaborate remotely.

The accessibility, shareability and security of your inspection data are only a few of the benefits cloud-based asset management software provides. To learn more about cloud-based sewer asset management software and how it can improve the way you interact with your data, read our new FREE white paper.

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