Watch: Sewermatics AI Keeps Work On Pace

[fa icon="calendar"] Mar 29, 2022 4:41:03 PM / by WinCan

WinCan’s Sewermatics data services are making it easier for municipalities to overcome bottlenecks and workload spikes. Tools like data translation and visualization have long-term effects on inspection analysis and planning, and AI-supported defect coding keeps projects on pace and within budget. Backed by WinCan Web’s cloud infrastructure, Sewermatics can easily help inspection teams deliver results faster, directly to WinCan Web for access from anywhere in the world.



In one southern city of 65,000 people, Sewermatics was able to increase defect coding productivity by more than 300%. The municipality faced a backlog that would have taken its sewer team at least five months to work through. With the help of AI, Sewermatics got it done in one month, saving 80% of the time it would have taken otherwise. 

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