Web Flex Media Bucket Supports Online Sewer Inspection Workflows

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The WinCan Web Flex media bucket enables inspection teams to bring any photos and videos related to a project into one easily-accessible, cloud-based location. Often, inspection teams face the challenges of working on several job sites throughout the day, which means inspection footage needs to be organized and stored securely according to different work orders. The media bucket ensures that media is ready when it’s needed and easily attached to an inspection for review.

Using the Media Bucket

WinCan Web Flex Media Bucket for CCTV Inspection

If you’ve used drag-and-drop file management before, you’ll find the media bucket is no different. Once you’ve logged into WinCan Web and opened your project, click the Project tab and upload or drop your footage into the media bucket. From there, you can add a new section and observation or create a new observation for a pre-made section. Upon creating an observation, you’ll need to click the media bucket button in the bottom left corner of the viewer, at which point the media bucket will pop up, allowing you to choose from any of the media in the bucket. Click “Attach to Observation” and you’re ready to start coding.

Collect Now, Code Later

Because many sewer inspection job sites are in the middle of a roadway, getting a job done fast limits operator risk. Efficient worksites also mean less disruption of traffic for neighboring residents and businesses. The media bucket in WinCan Web Flex gives operators the flexibility to focus on collecting footage and then moving on to the next manhole. By dropping all footage from the day into the media bucket, they can limit the time they are sitting idle in high-traffic areas. And teams can then code it at their own convenience or share footage with third-party collaborators like Sewermatics.

Working With Sewermatics

The media bucket is the hub for all CCTV footage shared with Sewermatics for the purpose of AI-powered defect coding. Today’s wastewater industry demands a high volume of data to make accurate predictions about risks, maintenance needs and cost. WinCan’s AI ensures your footage is processed quickly, while the Sewermatics QA team certifies it with the NASSCO stamp of approval.

Reevaluate Legacy Sewer DataWinCan Web Flex Sewer Inspection

Inspection standards are constantly updated to help foster a cohesive understanding of sewer defects and the many influences on them. For instance, PACP v7 built on PACP v6, showing that incremental changes in these standards can carry waves of changes for sewer teams. This leaves many teams with outdated inspection data that lacks the same quality and usability of data created with the most current standard.

The media bucket gives you the freedom to bring those legacy inspections into Web Flex for coding, reporting and hosting. Even old data has value when you can quickly QA, revise or rescore it. Once updated, legacy data can be synced with an asset database, giving engineers longer-term insight into why a pipe is functioning that way it is, why specific defects might be occurring, and what kind of maintenance needs to take place to protect pipe integrity.

Learn more about how the media bucket enhances online workflows with a free demo of WinCan Web Flex, or schedule a consultation to find out more about AI-driven Sewermatics.

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