The Benefits of AI for Wastewater Inspection

[fa icon="calendar"] Oct 15, 2020 1:14:54 PM / by WinCan

AI Benefits Wastewater ServicesArtificial intelligence has the potential to revolutionize the way we manage and maintain our wastewater systems. But untangling the too-good-to-be-true claims of pitchmen and the long-term implications for the average operator is not easy.

WinCan’s latest white paper, Artificial Intelligence for Wastewater, breaks down fundamental but important concepts to help guide industry pros through this emerging technology. In addition to reviewing the processes and methods behind inspection software AIs, and providing insights into what the future might bring, it also explains the very real benefits that AI will have for inspection crews. As the technologies evolve, you can expect them to improve operations in three main ways:


Machines are capable of catching visual patterns and variations with far greater accuracy and efficiency than the human eye. Experts believe that complementary roles — in which an AI and a trained assessment professional both review inspection footage — may be more effective than either the machine or the individual working alone.


Computers can scan images faster than humans can even imagine. If they pick up some of the slack on sewer inspection video, workers won’t be required to sit and watch every step of the way. In addition, AI can eliminate choke points, or “work” outside of business hours, so that when employees clock in, any data, footage or reporting is ready for their input. 


Standardized defect catalogs greatly improve consistency across inspection personnel and regions. Nevertheless, sewer inspection data is still subject to unconscious personal biases and human inaccuracies. Machine-guided assessments will provide more reliable, objective coding. And the higher quality and more consistent the data, the easier it is to prioritize sewer rehab and track at-risk pipes over time.

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