Watch Webinar: Remote Collaboration using WinCan Web

[fa icon="calendar"] Apr 20, 2020 3:22:51 PM / by WinCan

As with many other industries, sewer professionals are having to find unique ways to perform their essential responsibilities while following strict safety and health regulations amidst COVID-19. However, with online workflows, crew members can continue close collaboration, regardless of their geographic location. WinCan recently presented a free webinar to demonstrate how team members can continue to manage and share sewer inspection data instantaneously, even with those working remotely, and to highlight a new breed of cloud-based technology specifically tailored to the sewer industry. 

With a cloud-based sewer inspection workflow:

  • Your entire team has access to the latest data
  • Sharing data and reports is instantaneous and effortless
  • Inspection data can be viewed practically anywhere, on any device
  • Everything is browser-based and streamable — no more video codecs
  • Data security and backup happen automatically
  • IT headaches and data capacity constraints practically disappear

While different stakeholders in a wastewater operations team may be geographically dispersed, or required to maintain distance from one another, it’s especially crucial now to ensure systems are getting the maintenance and services needed. Cloud-based software like WinCan Web allows different members of a department to securely access data and view progress from anywhere, while continuing to provide essential services to the communities they serve. Watch the webinar to learn more.



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