Creating a Flexible Sewer Inspection Workflow

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Sewer inspection workflows vary from one municipality to the next. They are often built around the structure of the inspection team, but equipment, budget and the size of a sewer system all play an important role in determining what workflow makes the most sense for a given community. With so many different inspection, asset management and mapping solutions on the market today, there is no end to the possibilities. Take a look at the workflows below to get an idea of how WinCan workflows compare to more traditional, manual workflows.

The Traditional Inspection Workflow

Slower, and requiring manual data transfer:

  • Collect inspection media.WinCan Sewer Inspection Workflow
  • Upload media to inspection software.
  • Code the inspection in the truck.
  • Bring all inspection data back to the office.
  • Map out inspection data and analyze trends manually.

Create a work order for repairs or additional inspection. They may seem outdated and tedious, but traditional inspection workflows are tried and true. They rely heavily on manual efforts and in-person transfer of information, resulting in a slower workflow and less productivity overall.

The WinCan Workflow

Flexible from start to finish:

  • Collect inspection media directly in WinCan VX.
  • Coding via one of the following:
    • Upload project directly to WinCan Web for office staff to download, merge and code inspection
    • Code in truck and upload project to WinCan Web for delivery to office staff or client
  • WinCan project data is populated in WinCan Maps for analysis.
  • Create a work order for repairs or additional inspection.WinCan Web Remote Collaboration

Cloud hosting services create interconnectivity with WinCan VX, eliminating manual data re-entry and physical data transfer. Easy data migration from WinCan Web to VX to Maps helps remote collaborators get their work done fast and move on to the next job. By bridging the gap between crews, clients and contractors, inspection teams can get more out of their workflow and their team.

The Sewermatics Workflow

Well-Integrated, automated and visualization-ready:

  • Collect inspection media directly in WinCan VX.
  • Upload raw inspection data directly to WinCan Web for secure cloud storage.
  • Sewermatics’ AI-powered coding team quickly and accurately codes it from the cloud.
  • Download coded data and transfer it into asset management software.
  • Use asset management data to build out GIS map with integration from WinCan.
  • Use GIS maps to track inspection progress, automate work orders, deploy resources, visualize/prioritize maintenance needs, and plan cleaning and rehab.

Incorporating inspection data into city-wide asset management platforms helps build a more complete representation of the municipality’s infrastructure and its condition. WinCan’s Sewermatics team provides GIS integration services that ensures your team is fully connected and ready for one-click data transfer and a faster, cleaner workflow.

Learn more about Sewermatics with a free consultation or request a WinCan VX demo to find out about WinCan’s flexible workflow options:

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