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The most robust sewer inspection software in today’s market offers users many different features to optimize efficiency, so it’s important that users know how to access all elements of it. To ensure they get the most out of their purchase, WinCan offers personal training opportunities designed around the customer’s needs.  Personalized WinCan Software Training

WinCan specialists and sales experts are also thoroughly trained to deliver the information to users effectively as they begin using the software. 

“Training is the backbone of what we do,” says general manager of WinCan in the Americas, Mike Russin. “Proper training is an avenue that’s often overlooked when buying or selling software, but it’s at the forefront of our service.”

Scalable Training

Because customers range so greatly in terms of size and need, WinCan provides training opportunities specially designed for each user. Trainings can take place in-person or via WebEX and can be requested at any time. 

New customers purchasing WinCan’s software for the first time occupy most of the trainings, but second-tier or refresher trainings are also common, Russin says.

Utilities may have received training as they initially set up the software, but decide they are ready to learn about more of the advanced assets WinCan software offers. 

A follow-up training may focus on customizations in the software, or common customer questions like how to integrate with a mapping or asset management software, options for securely storing data, how to collect data with different inspection equipment, or how to generate workflows and publish data, among other inquiries.

Individual Needs

WinCan has provided trainings to a variety of utility sizes, finding unique ways to ensure the customer’s specific needs are met.

The WinCan team tackled a unique need while training a large contractor who purchased 13 WinCan licenses. 

The installation and training had to be conducted in rotations so that the utility didn’t have to have all trucks offline at once and lose money. As an extensive utility with 10 different trucks, that presented quite a challenge.

“We found a way to train all of the personnel and set up the system in each of the trucks over the course of 3 weeks without having downtime or production lost,” says Russin. “That training was unique in nature because we had to keep some of the trucks online while providing the customer with the software upgrade they were looking for.”

WinCan goes beyond the standard of providing one-size-fits-all trainings, while prioritizing training sellers and specialists so that they are equipped to get customers off the ground running.

“Training is essential to the success of our dynamic and versatile sewer inspection software, from the seller to the buyer,” Russin says. “And we are staffed with a team of robust experts to do it.”

To set up a training geared specifically toward your needs, simply contact WinCan online or over the phone:Contact WinCan

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