The Role of Real-Time Data in Sewer Inspection

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Data management is quickly becoming one of the biggest challenges municipalities face. While data related to municipal assets can lend valuable insights, many communities are still learning how to analyze, manage and store data efficiently. When it comes to collection systems, the convenience of advanced sewer technology has allowed utilities to collect more asset and maintenance data than ever before. But until recently, the data flow from inspection to asset management teams has been hampered by unreliable internet connections, siloed sewer databases and slow data transfer methods. Today, sewer data is collected and processed with integrated software that can quickly transfer information from one industry-leading platform to another, updating municipal asset databases, in real time.

WinCan Sewer Inspection Workflow

Real-time data refers to metrics that populate and change a dataset immediately upon entering the database. An example might be a pipe reference number that is linked to a work order. Sewer software like WinCan can quickly grab that reference number as soon as it’s entered and add it to all related datasets to ensure that it is properly labeled and immediately up-to-date. With real-time data, calculations can be done automatically, numbers are always where you need them and manual data entry is limited or completely unnecessary.

More Immediate Decision-Making Opportunities

The longer that maintenance decisions are delayed due to uncomplete or out-of-date metrics, the more pipe conditions suffer. When data is always where it needs to be, there is no delay in creating work orders or sending rehab or cleaning teams out to a jobsite. Real-time data ensures decision-makers can pull the trigger on an operation as soon as possible without having to worry about backed up data flow or slow manual entry.

Increased Reliance on Metrics 

Because databases are always complete, there is no “data downtime” hampering the accuracy of the numbers. Planners don’t have to rely on guesswork to accommodate fluctuating numbers. For instance, an operator in the field may be completing a crucial inspection on a concerning pipe section, and real-time data transfer ensures that all field data is quickly and completely populated back at the office for report generation. With WinCan Web’s enterprise dashboard, sewer system condition is always front-and-center.

Enhanced Work Order Tracking

WinCan Web Inspection Manager

Platforms that use real-time data enable managers to oversee operations and track crew progress as it happens. Enterprise-level sewer inspection maps in WinCan Web are powered by real-time data, giving managers immediate results and completion metrics right there on the map. As operators complete inspections throughout the day, the data collected is sent throughout the platform, informing all relevant databases it is integrated with. And with the power of the cloud, data flow isn’t hampered by the limitations of technology. Work orders, inspection projects and broader sewer databases can all live online where they can easily update in real time.

From maps to dashboards, WinCan Web’s enterprise features rely on real-time data to keep sewer teams well-informed and prepared for the most challenging operations. Schedule a demo to learn how WinCan Web’s data transfer options can streamline your workflow:

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