WinCan Mobile Manhole Inspection App Expedites Data Collection

Goleta Tackles Capital Projects With Collaborative Data Workflows

Point Orange: Drain Cleaning Contractor Improves Inspection Accuracy

Tips for Getting Sewer Inspection Crew Buy-in on AI

City of Raleigh: Improving Stormwater Management with Integrated Solutions

How To Extend Water Utility Bandwidth

How To Create Work Orders in WinCan Enterprise

How to Use WinCan’s AI Scan for Pipeline Inspections

Swiss Contractor Enhances Sewer Fleet With WinCan and Inspection Drone

Patching Your Data Pipeline: Physical Paper vs Sewer Software

Sewer Data Trends to Look For in 2023

Empowering Collaboration Among Sewer Utilities

WinCan Integrates With Cartegraph Asset Management

Esri GIS Integration Creates Cleaner Sewer Databases

WinCan Earns Esri's 2022 Solution Alignment Award

Work Order Tracking in WinCan Web Enterprise

Sewer Basics: Global Pipe Condition Assessment Standards

GPRS Boosts Customer Satisfaction With WinCan Web

WinCan Earns Esri’s ArcGIS System Ready Specialty

Sewer Basics: Grants for Wastewater

WinCan’s Sewermatics Fast-Tracks AI Development

AIMS Companies Clears Backlogs with Sewermatics AI

The Role of Real-Time Data in Sewer Inspection

Tackling Subjectivity in Sewer Inspection AI Training

Sewer Camera Integrations for Inspection Software

A Guide to WinCan-Supported Cloud Mapping

Watch: Sewermatics AI Keeps Work On Pace

WinCan Web’s Enterprise Solution Is Here

What to Know About WinCan VX Update V12

Sewer Basics: Disaster Preparedness and Wastewater Emergency Response

How to Shop for Sewer Inspection AI

The Shifting Wastewater Industry: From Cloud-Based Workflows to Resilient Infrastructure

Conducting GIS Queries in WinCan VX

Integrated Technology Helps Identify FOG Buildup Before It's a Problem

2021: A WinCan Year in Review

Sewer Basics: What is PACP?

How AI Helps Prepare Sewers for Severe Weather

Uni-Jet Designs Unique Workflow to Take on Cold Weather Inspections

Sewer Basics: What is GIS (Day)?

New and Updated Features in WinCan VX Version 11

Cold Winters Demand Seasonal Sewer Inspection Workflows

Building Laterals Into Your Sewer Maps

Embracing Interface Tools In WinCan VX

Sewer Trivia: Inspection Data Challenge

Web Flex Media Bucket Supports Online Sewer Inspection Workflows

Watch: A Glimpse of WinCan Web Flex

How to Code Defects in WinCan Web Flex

Introducing WinCan Web Flex

Sewer Basics: Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG)

How to Switch to a Digital Software Key

Download the Quick Guide: Mapping With WinCan

Integration Spotlight: Esri

Watch the Webinar: WinCan Sewermatics AI-Powered Data Services

Customize Wastewater Inspection Reports in WinCan VX

Measuring Ovality With WinCan Laser Scan

Sewer Basics: What Do Treatment Plants Do?

Creating a Flexible Sewer Inspection Workflow

Sewer Trivia: MACP Components

Data Visualization Informs, Enhances Sewer Inspection

Addison Turns to WinCan to Promote a Healthier Sewer System

Impacts of Image Resolution on AI Sewer Inspection

A New Vision for AI-enabled Data Services

WinCan Launches Sewermatics: Data Services for an AI-Enabled Future

Integration Spotlight: CentralSquare EAM (Powered by Lucity)

The Evolution of Sewer Software

Padre Dam Water District and WinCan Collaborate for Innovative Flushing App

Sewer Basics: Who Maintains Sewers?

3D Modeling for Sewer System Analysis

How AI Learns to See Defects

3 Ways to Improve Wastewater Data Management

Sewer Basics: What is Wastewater?

Validating Imported Data With WinCan VX

WinCan Welcomes Roger Roesselet

Integration Spotlight: Cityworks

WinCan's MACP Components and Observations Reference Poster

Watch Webinar: Introducing Sewermatics

How to Adjust Your WinCan VX Interface to Match Your Workflow

Bringing Your Legacy Data into WinCan

Sewer Basics: All About Sewer Pipes

Getting to Know WinCan's Filtering Tools

5 Wastewater Industry Trends to Expect in 2021

Developing Flood Resiliency in Wastewater Systems

Sewer Basics: What Causes Sewer Damage?

How Can Maps Support Inspection Workflows?

Ensure Accessibility for Your Sewer Inspection Data

The Benefits of AI for Wastewater Inspection

AI for Wastewater Inspections: Object Detection vs. Image Segmentation

Tools for Managing Wastewater Infrastructure Assets

Understanding COVID-19's Impact on Wastewater Budgets

Next Level Environmental Combines Experience With the Right Sewer Tech

JS Industries Expands Services, Boosts Productivity with WinCan

Sewer Basics: What is Wastewater Asset Management?

Gain New Insights from Legacy Data with WinCan

Sewer Basics: What is a Sewer Lateral Inspection?

Wastewater Provides Early Warning for Coronavirus’s Spread

Sewermatics: AI for Sewers

Updated WinCan Web Offers Users New, Improved Features

WinCan CleverScan Software Upgrade

Watch Webinar: Remote Collaboration using WinCan Web

Sewer Basics: What is Sewer Rehab Planning?

Sewer Basics: The Cloud

Culy Contracting Increases Productivity & Uptime with WinCan

WinCan Support Prioritizes Engagement and Accessibility

WinCan's 2020 WWETT Show Recap

Sewer Basics: Photo and Video Sewer Inspection Equipment

Improve Workplace Safety for Sewer Workers with a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Sewer Basics: Parts of a Manhole

Wastewater Industry Trends to Look for in 2020

Personalized Training From Start to Finish

Ensuring Your Software Grows with Your Organization

Developing Wastewater System Resiliency

CleverScan Integrates with Trimble R2 Receiver to Pinpoint Manholes

Integrating for Optimal System Management

Why Switch From PACP 6.0 to 7.0?

New Residents and Old Infrastructure Bring Change for Lehigh County Authority

Proactive Approach Keeps Operations in Rural Iowa Town Thriving

Preparing Your Sewer System for the New Season

Data Validation: The Essence of PACP

Getting the Buy-In: How to Make Your Case to Upgrade Your Sewer Asset Management Software

WinCan's Third and Final PACP Reference Poster

A Seamless Integration for Wastewater and Beyond in San Clemente

Wastewater Resiliency: A Resource Guide

What is a Workflow?

Protecting Your Assets from Summer Storms: The Value of a Flood Plan

How to Prepare for the Retirement of Key Employees

The Impact of PFAS on Wastewater

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Drink Beer?

Sewer Trivia: Operations and Maintenance Defect Code Challenge

Training for Success: Software Training for Inspection Teams

Understand PACP Operations and Maintenance Defects with a New Poster

2019 WWETT Show Recap

Correlating Sewer Data to Geographic Features Yields New Insights

Hardware Neutrality and What it Means for your Wastewater Inspection Program

Find WinCan at WWETT 2019 in Booth 4142

Winter is Here: The Effects of Cold Weather on Sewer System Maintenance

Wastewater Resources for a Successful 2019

Take WinCan's Structural Defects Challenge

Simplifying PACP: A Code Reference Poster

Earthquake Resilience for Wastewater Operators

The 2018 Water Resources Development Act (WRDA)

What Did You Miss at WEFTEC 2018?

Big Bear, Calif., Sewer District Brings Big Ideas to a Small Community

Take WinCan's Sewer Trivia: Mapping Edition

Six Principles for Smooth Software Deployment

Prepare for the Unexpected: GIS in Natural Disaster Preparation and Prediction

How Mixed Reality Became a Reality

Take WinCan's Code-the-Defect Challenge

Recycled Water on the Rise

Educating to Employ: Public Works Programs Help to Close Gaps

Standardization is Key to Sewer Inspection

Event Rundown: IFAT 2018

Sewer Trivia: LACP Edition

Join WinCan at IFAT 2018

Effortless Integration and Customer Support Drive Success for OWASA

Manhole Inspection Module Now Available

WinCan on Envirosight's VC500 Controller: Multiple Ways to Share Inspections

Sewer Trivia: MACP Edition

WinCan Receives PACP 7 Certification

Recap: WWETT Show 2018

Sewer Trivia: PACP Edition

Find WinCan at WWETT 2018, Booth 6132

Cape Town in Crisis

WinCan VX Integrates with ESRI ArcGIS

Plan and Budget Sewer Rehab Projects with WinCan RPM

Sizing Up London's 130-Ton Fatberg

Understand Sewer Condition Better with Cloud-based Sewer Inspection

Making Cross Bore Inspections Standardized, Accessible and Mappable.

Accurate Mapping with Geospatial Probes

Southern Water Adopts WinCan Web

Share Inspection Data Faster, More Securely on the Cloud

Heathrow Adopts WinCan VX Software Suite

Customer Spotlight: The City of Lebanon Authority

Network Rail High Speed Limited Adopts WinCan Family

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